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Our Mission

Providing Central Texans with clear, comfortable vision through dedicated time, active listening, and advocacy. 


Insurance-based clinics are often fully booked several weeks in advance. I accept walk-ins and same day appointments. You want to see your doctor right away when your vision is blurry!



Patients should know what they owe before they schedule an exam. Insurance plans have complex rules that make it hard to understand what patients will pay.


Confusion over payment should not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. Insurance rules cause misunderstandings and destroy goodwill between patients and staff members. Insurance plans often force doctors to spend minimal time with patients. This prevents doctors and patients from establishing a good relationship and can result in distrust


I give each patient my best professional care by listening to their concerns, performing a thorough exam, and educating them about their eye health. Insurance plans with low reimbursement rates force doctors to see more patients in less time. This can lead to rushed exams and decreased quality of care. 

Many of our patients are insured but choose to use our services because they receive more value than a traditional clinic offers. We will bill your out-of-network vision benefits if you bring your card to your appointment. Patients who have medical insurance can request a superbill that they can use to file an out-of-network claim.

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